At the moment I’m working for Atos, providing on-site IT support for Disney Australia & New Zealand. Officially my job title is “ICT Support Engineer” but I basically do whatever is required of me, with all of the little hand-holding tasks being outsourced to a call center. I’ve been with Atos since Nov 2018.

Before Atos I was working directly for Disney, in pretty much the same role except I was doing EVERYTHING that was asked of me. There’s a difference, and I’m happier for the change!

Previously, I was working for a chain of IGA supermarkets, based back in my home town of Mildura. Again, I was doing everything & anything. Rolling out hardware & software to every facet of the company. Head office, front of house (cash registers, etc.) and everything in between.

I had a great time working there as it allowed me a great deal of autonomy. I used to drive around to all of the stores, just me (sometimes others) and the open road.

But eventually I grew out of the job & my small home town & decided to make a change.

I’ve also done a stint working in retail, selling consumer electronics at Dick Smith, before Woolworths sold them.

If you’re interested in the details, I’ve got a LinkedIn profile.