Slow: Live Life Simply by Brooke McAlary

I’m about half way through Brooke McAlary’s book Slow: Live Life Simply (I’ve got the audiobook, but you can get the hard copy too) and it’s really hit me hard.

Job Roles

People don’t think about you in terms of the things you will do, they only care about what you’ve done. Stop waiting around for someone to recognize how good you are, if you haven’t shown them yet. Just get on with it and the rest will follow.

Saying No

I was going to write something about substance abuse and how / why I end up doing the things I do. And I say substance abuse in it’s widest definition. Whether it’s traditional forms like alcohol & drugs, or softer forms like caffeine or sugar. But today I realized that’s not the right approach. Instead, I’m going to write about how I plan to avoid these situations.

What is a Technologist?

I’ve been struggling for a while (a mid-life crisis, perhaps?) to work out exactly what it is that I’m passionate about in the IT field, since it’s where I’ve spent pretty much all of my working career. So, where do I go from here?

Time is money

As someone who fights for a great end-user experience, despite corporate / shareholder goals, I encourage you to push back if you’re asked to engage in activities that seem like time wasters. Give valid reasons why, and if possible, suggest alternatives.