Mental Health

Listening to my mind & body, together

Something changed a couple of weeks ago. My newly found passion & energy for daily reformer Pilates just disappeared. I’m not sure why (I think it’s the Ashwagandha), but I listened to my body and changed my schedule, going every 2nd day instead of every day. It wasn’t enough. It just wasn’t for me anymore. So, I’m going to keep listening to my body and drop it altogether. I’m taking

Slow: Live Life Simply by Brooke McAlary

I’m about half way through Brooke McAlary’s book Slow: Live Life Simply (I’ve got the audiobook, but you can get the hard copy too) and it’s really hit me hard.

The weight you need to lose is not on your body

Since I’ve started doing regular exercise I haven’t really looked at the scales. My goal was never to lose weight, I just wanted to stop jiggling as I walk. I wanted to work on my posture. I wanted to be in a better headspace. I wanted to be healthy, holistically. I took my last weight & body measurements in Jan ’19, and I’ve just done it again in June ’19.

Saying No

I was going to write something about substance abuse and how / why I end up doing the things I do. And I say substance abuse in it’s widest definition. Whether it’s traditional forms like alcohol & drugs, or softer forms like caffeine or sugar. But today I realized that’s not the right approach. Instead, I’m going to write about how I plan to avoid these situations.


“R U OK?” Day. That one day in September where a campaign asks you to ask you friends & loved ones, “Are you OK?”. This is an important question, and I believe it’s one of the hardest things you can ask, or be asked. The thing is, we ask this question to our colleagues every day of the week. So, why is this different?