Social Media (is bad for your mental health?)

I’m definitely a fan of staying away from social media for mental health reasons. I’ve outright deleted my profiles SO. MANY. TIMES. over the years I’ve lost count.

It’s possible I’ve lost friends along the way, and it’s also possible I could’ve handled things better. But at the time it was necessary. I needed to cut the negative aspects out of my life.

Thing is, I’ll probably keep doing it.

I have no obligation to be tied to any social media profile or platform, none of us do. But they have their obvious benefits as well. You just need to be diligent in your intention. Sometimes you don’t know what that is until you need to change.

Facebook: I only use it for Messenger and access to some community groups. I stayed away for a while but I ended up missing out on things because I was being stubborn in removing myself from the world. I don’t mean in that I was missing out on seeing the latest memes or rage against some news article. I don’t miss those at all. I miss connection with community. I only have the Messenger app on my phone.

Instagram: Sharing photos & videos. Social commentary. Getting to know people without the crap that that is retweeting or random pages being shown in my feed because algorithm. I can handle the odd ad.

LinkedIn: I work at a major big name company and in IT. While not essential, it’s a good tool for networking & job prospects. Seems a lot of people use it for self promotion, but what’s new?

This blog: To get thoughts out of my head. Curate a view of my life that is good and bad, but with a lens that isn’t blurred by platforms / marketing / mental health. To “discuss” my views on things.

Will I delete my accounts again at some point? Past experience says yes. Does it matter? No.

As long as it contributes positively to your life, keep it. If that changes, make changes.

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