Mental health royal commission told wearable tech could help end loneliness

Source: ABC News

BREAKING: People that often struggle with technology and memory are asked to use a device to tell us when they’re lonely. As if they’re going to remember that!

Next we’ll make it sense emotions & automatically relay them to your friends, button & device free, and be done with the spoken word altogether. Congratulations, we’re inventing telepathy. Maybe this is the evolution of the Mood Ring?

Seriously though, you don’t solve loneliness, the lack of emotional bond between people, by putting technology in the way. We need less technology & more humanity.

If we’re not spending time with the elderly, and we don’t trust the homes we put them in, that’s on us. Call out this bullshit more often. Please! Don’t let it become what it’s becoming now.

This is a people problem. Not something we should create a metric for so we can invent some OTHER way to keep ourselves removed from the equation.

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