The Barefoot Investor: The Only Money Guide You’ll Ever Need by Scott Pape

For as long as I can remember I’ve stressed about money. We grew up relatively poor compared to those around us. Mum raised my sister & I alone from very early on, so it wasn’t any surprise that she spent her money carefully and was tight on the purse strings whenever we wanted the latest and greatest thing our friend had.

But looking back, we never felt poor. Mum knew how to manage her finances, she knew what needed to be done.

The simple answer is budget and life within your means.

I feel like I’m late to the Barefoot Investor game, but that’s fine, because it means I didn’t get caught up in the whirlwind of trying to get rich quick. Had I read the book years ago, I’d have found out that’s not what it’s about anyway.

Whether you’re trying to invest or not this book gives some great tips on how to automate your finances so that you can live a comfortable life without stress.


  • Learn to look at your finances without emotion. It will help you spend less and see money as a tool rather than a source of frustration or joy.
  • This book is revised often to ensure facts, trends and references are up to date. Make sure you get the latest version.

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