Listening to my mind & body, together

Something changed a couple of weeks ago. My newly found passion & energy for daily reformer Pilates just disappeared. I’m not sure why (I think it’s the Ashwagandha), but I listened to my body and changed my schedule, going every 2nd day instead of every day.

It wasn’t enough. It just wasn’t for me anymore.

So, I’m going to keep listening to my body and drop it altogether. I’m taking up yoga instead.

I was doing yoga a while ago but dropped out of classes because my mind wasn’t with my body, which is kind of the whole point.

I’d go to classes & feel like I was rushing between different poses, always trying to keep up. I was exhausted. And when I got into a pose, back bends in particular, I felt pain. Probably because I’d rushed to get there.

Now my mind is there. It’s ready to slow down. All of the pent up anxiety & anger I carried into a 6:15 AM Pilates class isn’t there anymore.

Part of me feels like I’m giving up on Pilates. It was my identity for a little while, and I was happy to wear it with pride.

But, as I’m learning, if you’re not enjoying it then why keep doing it?

It’s been a few days since giving up Pilates and I’m able to sleep in again. Or, still wake up at 5:30 but really ease into the day before I start work at 9:00. My mind is clearer, and I’m happier.

Goal achieved.

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