The weight you need to lose is not on your body

Since I’ve started doing regular exercise I haven’t really looked at the scales.

My goal was never to lose weight, I just wanted to stop jiggling as I walk. I wanted to work on my posture. I wanted to be in a better headspace.

I wanted to be healthy, holistically.

I took my last weight & body measurements in Jan ’19, and I’ve just done it again in June ’19. Honestly, there’s not much difference in terms of the numbers. If you look at the numbers, I’m a total failure.

Jeans size3838
Upper Arm36 cm35 cm
Upper Thigh65 cm67 cm
Waist117 cm18 cm
Chest109 cmdidn’t measure

The thing is, I’ve never felt better.

My clothes fit better, not sticking to my sagging gut or being glued to my legs. My skin has cleared up (but also gotten worse, thanks immune system & dry weather). My mind is working better, I’m depressed less.

Considering I had no real goal except to be “healthier” I see myself as successful.

Sure, I still eat junk and occasionally binge. Sure, I still get depressed. But I will abso-fucking-lutely take where I am now versus where I was before.

And on that note, if supermarkets had fruit that was actually ripe when you buy it (I’m looking at you Coles, and your green bananas) then I’d be eating a lot more fruit instead of binging on chocolate.

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