Saying No

I was going to write something about substance abuse and how / why I end up doing the things I do. And I say substance abuse in it’s widest definition. Whether it’s traditional forms like alcohol & drugs, or softer forms like caffeine or sugar. But today I realized that’s not the right approach.

Instead, I’m going to write about how I plan to avoid these situations.

At work I’m currently doing 4 roles, and it’s too much.

  • every day support tasks
  • giving training and guidance to a new colleague
  • some project work which isn’t urgent but at the same time may become urgent
  • getting involved with international teams to help improve the system as a whole

It might not sound like a lot (perhaps that’s me trying to not admit I’m struggling) but it’s too much for me. Especially given that I’m only working regular 9 to 5 hours.

I’ve gone back to not sleeping well, it’s causing me to give up on exercise commitments, and I started considering opportunities to help numb the pain. During the day I was considering a sugar binge to help me through.

After work I realized my first instinct is to drink some alcohol to send me to sleep sooner. This is a BIG problem. But there is a simple solution.

I need to start saying no. I need to demand others be involved. I need to stop taking things on, as if I alone can solve the world’s problems.

So here’s to better coping mechanisms and self care.

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